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Hi! Welcome to my home!

You're probably here because you're looking for a fast and effective workout plan - one that takes into account your body's unique needs to help you look and feel your best. My method will help you achieve exactly that!

After many years of research and fitness practice on how to sculpt the body beautifully, I found the perfect formula that combines a nutrition overhaul with a bespoke fitness plan that helps you achieve a long, lean and toned body without bulky muscles. After following my method my clients have seen major improvements in energy levels, body shapes and self confidence.

My nutrition and fitness regimes that I recommend here have been perfected over the last 20 years of practice during which I have shaped and sculpted many clients of all ages, gender and body types.

My method has been endorsed by top lifestyle publications like...

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so How does The Method work?

when it comes to getting the goddess body you desire, i can't stress the importance of nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!

Forget confusing fad diets, my easy-to-follow guides for dieting, detoxing and everything else food related are designed to give you busy people that well needed boost.

I let you in on some of my favourite recipes, share my best healthy eating tips and also bust some of those myths about raw food and carbs!


my bespoke barre exercise workouts take aspects of Pilates and functional training to help you target those stubborn trouble areas!

Glutes, legs, abs and arms are notoriously difficult to tone. That's why my resistance-focused method draws on elements from various disciplines including dance, functional training and Pilates.

The best part is that these exercises only take 30-45 minutes. They'll have your muscles chiselled to perfection in no time!

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Read Food Labels Properly

Food labels are a huge selling method for brands. The big, glossy pics on the front of their packets are there to draw us in to buy. Think of the products with ‘LOW FAT’, ‘REDUCED SUGAR’, ‘SWEETENED WITH HONEY’, ‘GLUTEN FREE’, ‘ORGANIC’ or ‘HIGH IN FIBRE’ written on them. You'd think that this means they are healthy, right? Wrong. These alluring terms may not reflect the whole truth.

Manufacturers are legally allowed to say reduced fat, or sugar or carbohydrates if the product has 30% lower calories, sugar or fat than the standard product. But that amount could still be a lot and the product could have substituted fat for more sugar and cheaper, lower quality ingredients. It could actually be less healthy than the original.

Sugar Is Worse Than Cocaine

In this day and age sugar can be found in nearly everything. A few decades ago, sugar was rationed into foods such as cakes and biscuits, but now it has made its way into nearly everything we eat, from drinks and salad dressing to packaged meats and smoked fish, it appears to be almost impossible to avoid - but there is a way, and it’s a lot tastier and more enjoyable than you think. Replace sugar with safe sweetness such as STEVIA, RICE MALT SYRUP and DATE SYRUP.

People may consider coconut sugar as a great alternative to sugar, but once again this is misleading. The major component of coconut sugar is sucrose, followed by glucose. Unfortunately it's still sugar and will still cause sugar spikes and potentially every other risk that comes with consuming sugar.

Wine Is Fine Sometimes

You’ve probably heard somebody at some point claim that it’s healthy to drink a glass of wine in the evening as it is filled with antioxidants. Well, unfortunately this isn’t entirely accurate; you can get antioxidants elsewhere! I don’t drink alcohol, however I know it's unfair to recommend to everyone to give it up. Luckily there's another option.

You can balance your meals in a way which will still give you the results you want. I suggest drinking wine instead of (not with!) a vegetable-based meal. A glass of wine will give you the antioxidants that the vegetables could give you, but you won't overbear the body or digestive system with too much food and drink. For example, you could have a glass of red wine with a fish/meat dish instead of a vegetable dish or side.


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